Hot, then cool, then hot again

The last few weeks have been busy. Tomatoes are coming fast enough to require sauce-making and canning two or three times a week not. Cucumbers are also coming, both slicers and pickling varieties. I have made two batches of pickles, both from mixes. The first had to go into the fridge because I forgot to add the water before putting the jars in the canner. The second batch sealed, but I am concerned I may have over-cooked the pickles. I will see this winter. I hope I get enough for one more batch this year.

The squash was a disappointment. Everything looked fine, plenty of blooms, but very few fruits. I have pulled them up and reseeded with bush beans. The tiller decided to act up, so I wasn’t able to get the last few beds tilled and fertilized yet. I plan to take it into town on Monday to get fixed.

We got a five minute rain storm last week, followed by a few comfortable days, great for working the soil. Yesterday brought a good soaking, so soil may be too wet for a few days. I transplanted Romaine lettuce starts that were ready and filled the trays with more soil. I planted more seeds for the long bed that held broccoli this spring. I will hopefully get that tilled in time. I also added humus/manure and kelp meal.

I have gotten several melons and am watching a few larger ones. They were hidden by the leaves until just recently. Pickling cucumbers are also hard to find, since they blend in so well. Burpless are long and a darker green and easier to spot. I missed several pickling cukes until they turned yellow. I also have a bad habit of finding ones that are too small, and then not finding them until they are too old.

Acker’s Plum tomato variety seems to be very productive. The first tomatoes looked like normal salad types, round, but them later they became more pear-shaped. I was not impressed with Roma VF, which has already dried up. San Marzano is still producing, but they have an annoying habit of turning red on one end while they are still green on the other. Principe Borghese is still producing as well, as is Aunt Lucy’s. I did get a few fruits off Amish paste, the first two were quite large and fairly dry inside, while the last ones have been quite small. I prefer the larger ones, I hope all the foliage pays off, otherwise I will not grow it again. There are still some live branches with fruit on Saucy.

Between working the beds and canning, I am pretty busy. The weather will go back and forth now until winter settles in for good. More wind and hopefully more rain then we have had in the last month. The pressure is mounting to get as most out of the soil while I can before it freezes solid.

Happy gardening!



~ by suscrofa on August 21, 2010.

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