The end of cucumbers for 2010

Sadly, today I pulled up the last rows of cucumbers. The other two beds had been cleared and replanted to peas last week. I still have a most of a refrigerator draw full of their misshapen and scabby fruit. There wasn’t much on this bed, and the dogs got many of them. These were the ones that were too small, too round, or too mature to eat. They love everything I throw in from the garden, including melons, carrots, and beans.

The bed was stripped down to bare dirt and tilled. I didn’t add manure as I have in the past. There were a lot of wood chips and sawdust to work in, and that made the bed pretty full. I added some kelp meal and then tilled it all again. The hoses were replaced and the cattle panel put back in place before I planted more peas.

I was hoping that the remnants of hurricane Hermine would be here tomorrow, but I just heard on the news that most of the rain is staying in southern Kansas. We only have a 30% chance of rain tomorrow, down from 70% yesterday. Now I am glad I watered today.

I saw flowers on one square bed of bush beans today. I did get another square bed tilled, after I decided it was too late for any melons to form. That bed was planted to Black-seeded Simpson lettuce and Bloomsdale long-standing spinach. I have one more square bed with a couple of melon plants. One had a melon that has yet to mature. After that, it is out of there. It also will be planted to the same lettuce and spinach varieties.

The Romaine I transplanted a few weeks ago into the long bed in the side yard is doing well, better than that transplanted in the back yard several weeks ago. I still see green melons on the vines, so I will wait to pull them up. There are green tomatoes on the surviving tomato plants. I am freezing the ripe tomatoes until I get enough for another batch of sauce. I still have to process the small batch of pickles in the fridge. There will be no more this year.

I have yet to see a pea plant emerge from any of the three beds planted before today. I am making sure they get plenty of moisture, to hasten their growth. Who knows what the fall will bring, an early hard frost or a lengthy warm one?

Happy gardening!



~ by suscrofa on September 8, 2010.

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